What is Party On A Plate?!

Updated: Jan 21

#partyonaplate is possibly unique; we haven't found another company that provides quite the same customer offering. We provide all the essential elements of a kiddies birthday party: the #invites; #partyfood; #birthdaycake; #tableware; cleaning pack and #partybags. All of this is delivered direct to your door leaving you to quite literally unpack the boxes and serve it all up to your little guests.

There are literally hundreds of party businesses offering everything from matching, themed tableware, to all shapes and sizes of party bag. However without the food to serve on them or gifts to put in them, busy grown-ups are still left with a lot of work - and expense - to provide a party with substance as well as style. This is where #partyonaplate saves the day. We provide everything, (except the knife to cut the birthday cake).

We're wise with your money too so that you get real value from us. We don't spend a fortune on pretty paper plates that can't be recycled; we invest in sustainable products and decent ingredients for our food. That means if you have ham sandwiches they're actually made of pork and cheese means cheese, not cheese spread (unless that is what you have requested). Butter is good proper west country butter - no cutting corners with substitutes. If you're having one of our delicious chocolate fountains you get high quality chocolate, (no adding vegetable oil to the chocolate sludge - yuk!), and you'll usually get at least 1kg, (yes, you read correctly, 1kg), of fresh strawberries for dipping.

The feedback that we get from every single customer is that they got far more than they were expecting. #Partyonaplate prides itself on attention to detail, quality and meeting your personal needs. Did I mention that we even include the matches for lighting the candles on the cake ... and a little #treat for you to enjoy after the party has ended?

Check out our website for more details on everything we offer as part of our gold, silver and bronze packages and view our gallery for a sneak peak at just some of the party magic we have provided. We tailor everything to meet your needs and our packages are designed to be flexible and bespoke to you.

Keep an eye out for future blogs when we'll be telling you a bit more about each of our #partyonaplate elements and what makes them special, from #invites to #partybags.

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